The Government of TC: 100.000 BAM for the construction of the Memorial to Fallen Soldiers

memorialDepartment of Veterans Affairs of Tuzla Canton issued the Public Announcement for the purposes of collecting applications for participation in the co-financing of the construction of memorials to fallen members of the Armed Forces of B&H for 2015 in Tuzla Canton.

Total planned funds amount to 100,000 BAM and they will directly depend on the available funds in the budget of Tuzla Canton.

One of the conditions is that the funds cannot be approved for repair or maintenance of already built memorials in the issue of the Public Announcement.

Also, the memorial to fallen members of the Armed Forces of B&H on the territory of the Canton who were financially supported by the Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs of the Canton in previous years, cannot be users of the financial resources in this budget year.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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