The Law on Adult Education will decrease the Unemployment Rate

Law on Adult Education faktor.baThe Minister of Education, Science, and Youth of the Sarajevo Canton Elvir Kazazovic stated the Assembly of the Sarajevo Canton will adopt the Law on Adult Education, with which a new chance will be given to the adults without primary education.

“Formal education cannot follow the needs of the labor market, because they are constantly changing. It would be necessary to enact a law which would enable the education of the citizens even after they have completed their formal education. By the adoption of this law, we have the opportunities for further education, retraining of staff, and we can respond to the labor market together with the needs of employers”, said the Minister Kazazovic.

Numerous non-governmental organizations pointed out how the adults are given a “second chance” with this Law.

“According to the traditional definition, there is between two and five percent of illiterate population in B&H, and 10 percent of population is without completed primary education. The largest part of unemployed is exactly those without finished primary and high school. This Law will create an instrument which would enable primary and higher education to the people in late years as well”, said Adis Arapovic, the Coordinator of the Center for Civic Initiatives.

Minister Kazazovic added that the Law will certainly decrease the unemployment rate in the Sarajevo Canton.

Moreover, Kazazovic added that the Draft Law was created in accordance with entity, state, and European legislations, and that it is a priority of the Government of the Sarajevo Canton.

Support for this proposal was provided by the representatives of non-governmental organizations: GIZ, CCI, Caritas B&H, Adult Education Institution “Socijalno-edukativni centar”, and DWW International, who pointed out that the adoption of this Draft Law will help both the employers and unemployed persons, and that they are expecting unanimous support of the delegates in the Assembly of the Sarajevo Canton.

(Source: klix.ba)

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