The Man who prevented the Deportation of Adis Ahmetovic in ’97 is now his Colleague in the Bundestag

Adis Ahmetovic, a German politician who comes from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), was four years old when his family was facing deportation in 1997. Their lawyer Matthias Miersch prevented it. Interestingly, 24 years later they are both sitting in the Bundestag.

Ahmetovic confirmed that his colleague from the German parliament and the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), then a 28-year-old lawyer, helped his family a lot in the 1990s.

“It was in 1997-1998 when we didn’t get the residence documentation. Matthias Miersch was our lawyer, we went through that process with him and got the documentation. Without him, I wouldn’t be in Germany now,” Ahmetovic noted.

As he stated, he was not in touch with Matthias until 2008, when Adis joined the SPD.

“When I joined the SPD, we saw each other again, it was a coincidence, we started working together,” Ahmetovic explained, announcing joint activities with Miersch in the Bundestag.

To recall, Ahmetovic entered the Bundestag in the recent federal elections as a direct candidate. Miersch has been a member of parliament since 2005.


Source: Klix.ba

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