The Meeting of the SDA and SB&H: Four Parties each to get one Minister Position

Meeting SDA and SBiH faktor.baThe work groups of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) and the Party for B&H (SBiH) agreed yesterday in Sarajevo that these parties, together with the Bosnian Patriotic Party (BPS) and the A-SDA, each fill one minister position in the Government of the FB&H and thereby replace the staff of the Democratic Front (DF) who resigned. The SDA and SBiH hope this job will be terminated by early September.

“We have not discussed the distribution of certain sectors further in detail, we mostly based on the functionality of the both Houses of the Parliament of the FB&H, as well as the Government of the FB&H itself”, said the deputy president of the SDA Adil Osmanovic after the meeting.

The SDA and SBiH give full support to the work of the Council of Ministers of B&H and the Government of the FB&H, and they are committed to the reform agenda and all the laws that derive from it.

Although information appeared in the media earlier that the BPS will not participate in the negotiations, Osmanovic said he is not familiar with it and that he expects the agreement with that party to be reached.

The vice-president of the SBiH Besim Imamovic reiterated that this party is interested in the energy, industry and mining sector in the Government of the FB&H.

“That is what we do the best. We have achieved excellent results in the energy sector and we have professional and high-quality individuals who can improve the work of that ministry and the entire Government”, Imamovic said.

Imamovic believes that the new ruling coalition could be stable because it gathers around the correct principle to do something better.

“During the discussion, the primary focus was set on the functioning of the authorities, since the political instability has been evident until now. We consider that it is of crucial importance to establish a political stability in the functioning of the Government of the FB&H, and the rest will come by itself”, said Imamovic.

The new appointments in the Government of the FB&H should be approved by the president and two vice-presidents. The signatures of the President of the FB&H Marinko Cavara and the Vice-President Melika Mahmutbegovic are not in question. It is only uncertain whether the Vice-President Milan Dunovic (DF) will accept the new appointments in the Government.

“We expect the President and the Vice-Presidents of the FB&H to behave in accordance with the Constitution of the FB&H. The parliamentary majority that ensures 50 or more votes in the House of Representatives of the Parliament of the FB&H should get support”, Osmanovic concluded.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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