The only Wish of a Young Couple is to survive with Three Children

Since they returned to Zepa back in 2008, the young couple Himzo and Elma Omanovic, live mainly from agriculture. They decided to survive, although the time is hard and their estate is small.

They decided to plant a garden and invested all of their efforts to cattle and sheep breeding. However, their stable collapsed seven days ago and they are now forced to leave sheep and cows under the sky, regardless of the weather.

“I have three children, a girl and two boys. We have to raise them, we are fighting. We are very hard working, we work all the time, but it is not enough. My only wish is to have a stable and nothing more because I have to take money from my children and myself, and I must not wait for the winter without a stable. And how am I supposed to tell my children that we have no money? I do not have other choice. That’s my story. Last year we sent a request for a stable at the federal ministry, we sent all the papers, but they refused our request,” said Elma.

They are afraid of winter, as well as new problems. Their everyday concern is to give their children as much as they can, to offer them a better life. But it is not that simple.

“Life in Zepa is what it is. There is nothing, there is no store let alone something else. I was born back in 1990 and my husband in 1983. We want to work, we want better, but it is very, very hard,” noted Elma.

In the pre-election period, when politicians are all about promises and support and assistance, and visits to places of returnees are more frequent, Elma says:

“They should turn to the people who really do not have any money, the people who have problems and need help,” said Elma Omanovic from Zepa, the mother of three children.

(Source: E. A./Klix.ba)




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