The previous one destroyed in a Landslide: A new Mosque built in Cerska

New Mosque in Cerska novovrijeme.baThe construction of a new mosque in Cerska near Vlasenica was completed several days ago, and the ceremony on the occasion of the opening of the mosque, maktab and the house of imam is to be held on Saturday, August 1st.

Namely, Cerska was also damaged in the floods and landslides that struck B&H in May last year. Then, one person died due to landslide, while the local mosque was completely demolished, but the minaret remained intact.

The restoration of the mosque in Cerska officially began by laying the foundation stone on theStatehood Day of B&H on November 25th 2014, given that the construction works began in March this year.

“The mosque was completely demolished, but the minaret remained upright, as a symbol of uprightness and perseverance of the locals from Cerska. The mosque has been moved to a new location, since the location in Celebici on which the previous mosque was built has been declared unsafe for the construction of new facilities. The new mosque is built in the village Hasanovići, and the lot for the construction of the mosque is an endowment of Bego ef. Selimovic”, said Muamer ef. Jusupovic, the imam in Cerska.

mosGiven that Cerska is a jamaat with many villages that are apart from each other, it was decided to, besides the mosque, build a maktab in the village of Gobelje, for the needs of the residents of this village. Gobelje is a village seven kilometers away from the newly built mosque.

(Source: klix.ba)

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