FB&H Prime Minister Nikšić Hosted the Austrian Ambassador Pammer

niksic_pammerThe Prime Minister of FB&H Nermin Nikšić received today at the government headquarters in Sarajevo the newly-appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Austria to B&H Martin Pammer.

The traditionally good relations between the two countries, in the past as well as now and intensive economic cooperation with Austria, as the biggest investor in B&H, was emphasized since the start of the meeting.

The Austrian Ambassador was mostly interested in the current political situation of FB&H, particularly on the process of our country towards the EU, the solving of the remaining issues in this way, and the initiatives to change the Constitution of the Federation. He stated that he is familiar with the complicated social situation in our country.

The Prime Minister of FB&H Nikšić informed the Ambassador with the economic situation, such as the construction works on the Corridor 5 -C, and plans for the major investments in the energy sector announced for next year. He again invited Austrian investors to invest in B&H since the FB&H Government provides a favorable legal framework in order to facilitate the registration and operation procedures for foreign businesses.

(Source: Fena)

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