The Remains of Nine Victims from Vitez to be buried

The remains of Emsad Salkic (1955) and his wife Nihada (1959), as well as their three children Melisa (8), Nermin (12) and Senad (14), will be buried in Vitez today.

Brother and sister Adis (15) and Adisa (12) Salkic, as well as brothers Cerimic, Edin (1976) and Elvedin (1979) will be buried.

A spokeswoman for the Institute for Missing Persons of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Emza Fazlic, told Fena news agency that these were Bosniak victims who went missing in 1993 in the village of Kratine, Vitez municipality.

The remains of these victims were exhumed in 1998 at the Medina site near Mostar.

The identity of these victims was first determined by the DNA method, so that the identity of their family members could be confirmed in April this year, and consent was given for their burial.

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