Top 5 Business News and Events of this Week

Record Value of Imports in BiH

The record value of imports in BiH was recorded in the month of March. This is the first time for the value of imports to exceed the amount of 1.7 billion BAM in one month.

BH Company Meggle to invest another 10 million BAM

Company Meggle prepared about 10 million BAM for investments in the next two years, while “Meggle” is planning to invest 3 million BAM only in the development of primary agricultural production.

New Factory on Pale

The Mayor of Pale, Bosko Jugovic, announced that municipal councillors of the Municipal Assembly gave the consent for the construction of a mini-factory for the production of LED-lighting within the business zone “Famos” in Pale.

Italian Company Olip started Production in Donji Vakuf

The Italian company “Olip”, which is dealing with the production of footwear, started production with 120 workers this month in Donji Vakuf, and they are planning new employments soon. A total of 300 people should be employed by the end of June 2018.

BH Company Madi to construct a Factory for 6 million BAM

Company “Madi” from Tesanj decided to construct a new factory. This is a completely new facility for the production of chicken, and the value of this investment is 6 million BAM.





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