Sarajevo Mayor to allocate 50,000 BAM to Bjelave Student Dormitory

Sarajevo Mayor Benjamina Karic has promised that the city government will provide 50,000 BAM for the purchase of inventory at the Bjelave Student Dormitory.

She stated this after today’s visit to this dormitory, which she visited together with the director of the Student Center Sarajevo, Amar Dovadzija.

She mentioned that the situation in this institution is very bad and that better conditions are necessary.

“Sarajevo is a university center, a city of students who should feel at home in the dormitory. Although the City of Sarajevo is not directly responsible for this area, we have provided 50,000 BAM from the budget to purchase the most necessary inventory – tables, chairs and mattresses,” said the mayor Karic.

She said that investing in education and youth is an investment in a better future.

At the end of this month, the director Dovadzija pointed out that the students slept on extremely bad mattresses and, as he stated, initiated a ban on the director’s salary in the amount of 300 BAM, which will be used for purchase od 100 new mattresses.

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