Tourist Agency Andrićgrad Founded

VI?EGRADThe tourist agency Andrićgrad in Višegrad was established, whose goal is to present to tourists the tourist offers of the city.

Member of the management of Andrićgrad Nedeljko Perišić said that the tourist organization would in the best way possible connect and consolidate the tourism offers of Andrićgrad, Drvengrad, Tara, Zlatibor and Jahorina an enable tourists to become better familiar with this region.

He specifically pointed out that one of the tasks of this newly-formed tourist organization is to promote the canyon Drina, downstream from Višegrad, which for its beauty is compared to Colorado.

“We decided to take this step because the tourist organization of Višegrad is inadequately presenting the Andrićgrad project, and at the tourism fair in Belgrade old train “ćira” was presented as the only tourist attraction of this city, while Andrićgrad was not even mentioned’’, said Perišić.

He recalled that the Višegrad tourist organization predicted 16.000 tourists for this year, and that in only four months the number of visitors to Andrićgrad exceeded this amount.

“Andrićgrad was visited by people on excursions and on tours organized by tourist groups, and for the 1 May holidays the arrival of 1.000 tourists was announced’’, said Perišić.

He said that on 18 May in Andrićgrad 40 German former diplomats will visit, for which the best European beer from Germany has been ordered and the specialty sausages from Bavaria.

In the management of Andrićgrad, as well as the tourist organization, employees speak several global languages in order to provide tourists with better information.

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