Tourist Potential of BiH presented in Denmark

12899668_1134772936573661_1799025291_nFederation of BiH Associations in Denmark (SBHUD) last weekend successfully presented the tourist potentials of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the premises of the city library in Aalborg.

This is a traditional fair of tourism with participation of representatives of foreign associations that operate in Denmark and have an opportunity to present tourist potentials of the country they come from. President of the BiH Federation Edni Hajder provided more information about this tourist presentation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Denmark.

“SBHUD set a goal for itself – to present BiH as a tourist destination and a country on the path towards the EU. The visitors were amazed with the photographs of natural beauties of BiH. In addition, they have tasted our specialties, smoked meat, smoked sausage (sudžuk), rahat lokum, goat cheese, strudels. Curious visitors inquired about everything related to BiH. The questions were directed to the conditions of roads, safety, hotels and inns service levels, possibilities of mountaineering and fishing, language abilities of the population, prices, etc. In this way, we wish to redefine the knowledge about Bosnia and Herzegovina. Potential visitors to BiH will certainly be ambassadors who will share the experiences from their possible trip to BiH. The largest problem is distance and how to reach BiH, which means that we must jointly influence the airlines to help us bring BiH closer to the Danish market”.

SBHUD will continue its mission of connecting BiH and Denmark on a political, business and cultural plan because the higher the understanding that Denmark has of BiH the easier it will be for BiH to integrate into the EU community.


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