Number of Entries in Bosnia and Herzegovina increased drastically


After the decision was made to abolish self-isolation for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina entering the homeland, only a day later the number of entries increased drastically, Avaz news portal reports.

Namely, as confirmed for “Avaz” by the Bosnian Border Police, only yesterday more than 7,500 citizens entered our country than the day before.

According to data from the Border Police, 8,264 people entered BiH, of which 5,002 were Bosnians and 3,262 were foreign citizens.

“As early as May 21, a total of 17,433 entries into BiH were registered, of which 12,584 were citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, while 4,849 were foreign citizens,” the Border Police stated.

Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina have not received a decision on self-isolation when entering the homeland at the border since yesterday, and long columns of vehicles have been recorded at some border crossings.

Member of the Crisis Staff of the Federal Ministry of Health and Assistant Minister of Public Health Goran Cerkez said that 632 samples were tested in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the past 24 hours, of which 2 were positive.

“New cases are from Zenica Doboj Canton. So far, 33,273 have been tested in Federation, and the virus has been confirmed in 10,013 people. There are 17 people in hospitals, none of them on respirators. We have 95 active cases while 881 people have recovered. We can assess that the situation is stable,” said Cerkez, Avaznews portal reports.

He also referred to the abolition of mandatory self-isolation measures.

“The Crisis Staff of the Federal Ministry of Health did not propose this measure. We think she should have waited until the end of the month. We propose the abolition of measures every 15 days after the epidemiological analysis. We felt that by the end of the month the measure needed to be mitigated and removed and others prepared. Given that a large influx of citizens is expected, especially due to the holidays in BiH, we must say that we will not be able to control the situation, which is a special epidemiological risk and a great possibility of infection in BiH. We understand the citizens and their desire to meet with their families, but we ask you all to adhere to the measures. It is the responsibility of every citizen,” said Cerkez.


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