Tourist Workers held Protest in Sarajevo

A large number of tourist workers went out to protest in Sarajevo today, wanting to draw attention to the problems of the tourism sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The protest march started from Sebilj to the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and only some of the messages of these tourist workers were: ”We do not want help but work”, ”Enough politics over our backs”, ”Sports, culture andculture without borders”… SenadHalilovic from the Association of Tourist Businessmen in BiH explained all the troubles of tourist workers, but also their demands. 

“You are witnesses that the BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs turned a deaf ear to our demands, where they were supposed to adopt three items on the agenda – liberalization of the entry of foreigners into BiH, and early abolition of visas for citizens of Saudi Arabia, Great Britain and Ireland. 

“Nothing was adopted and that is why we took to the streets to point out our problems and to finally make decisions,so that the state would work in the service of the economy and workers,” Halilovic said. 

That every foreigner can enter BiH, if he has been vaccinated, or has contracted coronavirus in the previous six months orhas a PCR or antigen test, is one of the requirements of tourism workers. 

There is another requirement – repealing the visa decision for citizens of Great Britain, Saudi Arabia andIreland. 

“We expect a large influx of guests, hotels are ready and no one could believe that ‘normal decisions’ will be politicized to wait so long,” said Halilovic. 

When it comes to the current situation, Halilovic said that it was bad, so his hotel was 10 percent full of guests, and the prices were lower. 

Still, it’s better than the past month, according to his estimate, BHRT writes.

Photo: BHRT

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