Tradition: 66 Models of the Fico Car presented in Sarajevo

Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, today was the host of the first ever International Fiat-Fico fest.

Fans of Fiat’s, later and the Zastava’s, legendary models from all of Europe arrived in Sarajevo to celebrate its 62nd birthday.

According to Fadil Cerimagic from the Association “Fico-klub,” which is also the organizer of the manifestation, Sarajevans and tourists could see 66 models of the “Fico,” whose owners are from all corners of Europe, mostly from the region, arrived at the first Fiat-fićo fest As he says, the owners of the “fico” showed that their first love isn’t forgotten quickly and that many of them nostalgically connected to their cars.

The cars were first displayed in Bascarsija Square, where they attracted a large number of curious by passers. Many different models were there. One of the most interesting arrived from Subotica. It was a model 600D manufactured in 1961, which was at the time used by the Yugoslav police.

“I’m going to old timer or fico meetings all the time. This is a police vehicle and children love cars like this. They all want to be police offers or firemen so they all want to take pictures with it. This model is from 1961, a 600D Zastava. It was manufactured from 1960 to 1962. This is a weaker variant with 18 horsepower so it really won’t go up hills and mountains but we got here from Subotica so it’s OK. It can go 90 kilometers per hour, everything above that is really painful for the car. It can go faster when it picks up speed going downwards but then it’s really hard for it to stop because the breaks are old,” Josip Neis, the owner of the model from 1961 said for Anadalou Agency (AA) and added that he doesn’t know how long the police used his car.

Cerimagic highlighted that there was a lot of work involved in organization the Fiat-Fico fest and that he wants to thank Ibrahim Hadzibajric, the mayor of Municipality Stari Grad, for allowing the cars to be showcased in Bascarsija.

(Source: N1)


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