Traffic from Brijesce to Stup suspended until the End of the Year

trafficDue to the construction of the bridge next to the roundabout in Brijesce, which is connecting to the highway, traffic will be suspended until the end of the year, which is leading to large traffic jams.

Since this morning, the traffic from the direction of Sarajevo neighborhood Stup to Rajlovac is completely routed through the Safeta Zajke Street due to the construction works on the demolition of the bridge that is located before the roundabout that is connecting to the highway.

“During the construction of the overpass bridge at Stup before the newly built roundabout, redirection of traffic from the direction of Rajlovac to the city will be ongoing through Safeta Zajke Street. The official decision stated that the suspension of traffic for all vehicles on that section will last until the end of this year. However, if all works are not completed on time, it is likely that extension of this deadline will be requested “, confirmed Mirsad Dizdarevic from the PE Roads of FB&H.

Complete destruction of the bridge will take place, because the current one is in such a state that is located on the scaffold, after which will follow the construction of a new bridge. All citizens are advised to be patient and to avoid crowds by going to work earlier and using alternative routes.

(Source: klix.ba)

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