Treskavica: Forgotten Gem of BiH Nature

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Some thirty kilometers south of Sarajevo, there is a priceless natural gem.

The Treskavica Mountain is located in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and belongs to the Dinara mountain chain.

The highest peak of Treskavica is on 2.088 meters above sea level. Alpinists have three names for it: Paklijaš, Đokin toranj and Mala ćaba.

The nature made this mountain very rich with waters, so legends say that it has 365 springs, including springs of five major rivers: Željeznica, Bistrica, Ljuta, Rijeka and Rakitnica. Treskavica is also abundant with lakes which get their water from glaciers, sub-lake sources, surrounding springs and creeks, and majority of them are protected from human activity by their inaccessibility.

The most famous lakes on Treskavica are Veliko, Bijelo, Crno, Platno and Malo jezero, which represent the most outstanding traces of the ice age on this mountain.

One can experience four different seasons during a single day on Treskavica.

There is no other mountain in BiH where differences between the green vegetation (on the north side) and wilderness and bareness (on the south side) are as strong and characteristic as on Treskavica. Treskavica is also known for the endemic plant species – the Bosnian lily. Once upon a time, herds of mountain goats were an inevitable scene on Treskavica.

During the last war, from 1992 until 1995, the mountain was the location of many combats, so many unexploded ordnance were left on its vast area after the war. However, true nature lovers, especially alpinists, managed to arrange and mark the safe trails for other lovers of this beautiful mountain.


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