Trump might lose the presidential Mandate?

donald-trump-696x456Donald Trump might soon become a subject of a trial procedure and thus be prevented in assuming the office of the president of the USA.

The U.S. professor of law Cristopher Peterson claims that there is a strong reason which might prevent Trump from becoming the president.

Peterson analyzed the case of Trump in September, before it was known who the next president of the USA will be. However, as days go by, there are more and more arguments against Trump becoming the president.

โ€œIn the USA, private businessmen are forbidden to give false statements with the aim of convincing people to buy their products or services. There is evidence which imply that the Trump University has been using false statements and presentations in order to attract thousands of families to invest in a program which is plain fraud. Fraud and racketeering are serious offenses which can lead to equally serious accusations on a legal level,โ€ said Peterson.

The company Trump Entrepreneur Initiative was shut down today. Better known as a profit educational institution Trump University LLC, they offered courses in real estate trading, property management, entrepreneurship and wealth creation.

If this case does not prevent Donald Trump from becoming the new president of the USA, it will certainly cast an even greater shadow on his work.


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