Union Foods to open one of the most Modern Factories for the Production of Flips Snacks

flipkoUnion Foods is one of the leading distribution companies in B&H, which in its assortment has world-famous brands such as: Zotta, Danone, Woerle, Bayerland, Kinder, the Belgian and many others, and which decided to launch its own production of flips snacks, as announced from the company.

They state that this investment is one of the biggest production investments in B&H this year and it represents the continuation of successful projects that the company has behind it until now.

This modern flips facility is located in Čitluk and in the first phase of the project, 15 new workers were hired out of a total of 50, which are planned for the next 2 years.

“Flips snack brand named “Flipko” will be counting 17 new products for now. Different and innovative forms and flavors, with some of them not being present on the B&H market so far, will please all age groups and satisfy all generations.

Most modern and reliable German equipment together with carefully selected and very strictly controlled quality raw materials as well as the top team of local experts guarantee a high quality products that consumers will be able to try as from the next week.

The production process is conceived in a way that there is no deviations in product quality and that each product is the top quality product. Standards of quality control from raw materials to finished products are integrated into the production process so that each segment meet very high standards of food safety and quality control,” as said in the statement.



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