Unique Musical Staircase opened in Pruščakova Street

Musical Staircase (1)With the installation of special audio devices next to the sitting benches and with the connection of public lighting on the city electrical network, the landslide stabilization and reconstruction of the staircase in Pruščakova Street (Local Community Trg oslobođenja-Centar) were completed.

“The project we have been implementing in the past period was one of the most demanding projects in my career, when it comes to landslide stabilizations. Besides all the problems we encountered during the implementation of the project, we managed to complete all works for the amount of money allocated in the first place, 679,000 BAM, by the Municipality of Centar in its budget,” said Fuad Babić, coordinator for landslides of the Institute for Construction of the Sarajevo Canton, that was also the implementer and supervisor of this project.

During the implementation of the project which began in March 2015, the first thing to be done was the replacement of complete infrastructure of the drainage system, i.e. the water supply network with connectors to surrounding residential facilities, as well as fecal and precipitation drainage. Then a new reinforced concrete staircase was built, tiled with stone plates and granite cubes. After that, poles of new public lighting were places, as well as the handrails, benches made of cast iron, and specially designed trash bins.

Given the environmental whole of the staircase, which is located in the vicinity of the cult meeting point “Sloga” and the Chess Club “Bosna”, during the making of project documentation the architecture studio “Firma” envisaged that each landing is thematically related to the most famous musical performers or groups that marked the golden period of “Sloga”. A short biography of selected musicians with special audio devices were placed on every bench, giving the citizens an opportunity to listen to the most famous songs of Indexi, Bijelo dugme, Dino Merlin, New Primitivs…

A table with chess figures was placed at the landing near the Chess Club “Bosna”, for the passersby to enjoy this ancient game.


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