Unsafe Products withdrawn from BH Market!

unsafe-productsThe regulations on the imports to BiH are often violated, and most of damage is suffered by consumers, or citizens who, due to not knowing about the quality of products, often expose their health to hazard influences.

According to official data from the Market Surveillance Agency of BiH, almost 23,000 controversial or unsafe products was removed from our market only in 2015.

“We only control the products that have already been placed on the market and if we find that there are those that are not safe, or that endanger the health and lives of consumers or their property, then we remove them in cooperation with the Inspectorate of the FBiH, the RS and Brcko District. The purpose of our agency is that only safe products are on the BH market,” explained Danijela Dragovic from the Market Surveillance Agency of BiH.

Dragovic emphasized that there are legal requirements that must be met in order for the product to be found on the BH market.

Dragovic stated that among the removed products are leading toys and equipment for children, as well as electric devices used in households, which were mostly imported from China.

Consumers are advised to read the product label that includes the name, type or model of the product and the name and full address of the manufacturer, and for imported products the name and headquarters of the importer, as well as the country of origin.

Also, consumers are encouraged to research the product before purchasing it, check its validity at the place of purchase and make sure that there is no visible physical damage.

(Source: 6yka.com)

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