USA supports Every Success realized by the Council of Ministers of BiH

Zvizdić Application and MAP n1info.comChairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH Denis Zvizdic yesterday in Washington met with US Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs of the State Department Thomas Shannon, as announced by Zvizdic’s Office.

They talked about the current political and economic situation in BiH, as well as activities implemented by the Council of Ministers of BiH in the previous period on the path towards the EU and NATO. They both agreed that it is extremely important for BiH to receive the activation of MAP since a number of preconditions were completed in the past period.

Chairman Zvizdic noted that the past year was extremely successful for the process of European integrations and also noted that BiH received a questionnaire from the European Commission, adding that preparation of responses to questions is currently taking place. He said that the main aim of BiH is getting the candidate status in the early next year, and noted that the Western Balkans could give new positive impetus to the entire family of the EU.

Deputy Secretary of State Thomas Shannon praised the efforts that were realized by the Council of Ministers of BiH and noted that BiH has great support from the United States, which will continue with the support in order to ensure even better results. Shannon stated that the activation of the MAP represent a very important goal for BiH and further noted the support of the United States regarding this topic. He noted that the United States will help BiH and that the US supports every achievement realized by the Council of Ministers of BiH led by Chairman Zvizdic.

Chairman Zvizdic further noted that the integration of BiH into the EU and NATO represents the basis for stable economic and political progress of BiH.

Deputy Assistant of the Secretary of State Hoyt Yee attended this meeting as well.

(Source: FENA)

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