USAID: the New Civil Society Sustainability Project

“With our partners – Centers for Civic Initiatives and Civil Society Promotion Center – we launched a new five year project called the Civil Society Sustainability Project. The project is funded largely by USAID, with the UK government co-funding.” David Barth and Baroness Warsi had pleasure to address the audience.

“The purpose of the CSSP is to strengthen and sustain the capacity of civil society to influence and oversee government policy-making. At the end of project we hope to have 12 strong partnerships that will jointly work on resolving crucial problems in the sectors that citizens of BiH matters the most. The twelve selected sectors include: Employment and Labor Markets, Economic Development Policies, Public Financial Governance, Education, Healthcare, Environmental Protection and Energy, Agriculture and Rural Development, Justice Sector, Culture, Human Rights of Marginalized Groups, Women’s Right, and Anti-Corruption.”


(Source: USAID)

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