Volunteers planted 5,000 Seedlings of various Trees on Bjelasnica Mountain

Volunteers coming from many cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina planted tens of thousands of seedlings of various tree species on Saturday during the Sixth Volunteer Action “Let’s Do It – Million One Day Plants”.

Mostly, they planted seedlings on Bjelasnica Mountain, where more than 500 volunteers and volunteers planted 5,000 seedlings of ash tree and white pine.

What was interesting is that the owners of forests supported the action and provided seedlings, tools, expert supervision.

For the fifth year in a row, the special partner of the “Let’s Do It” project is the Olympic Committee of BiH, which contributed significantly to the successful realization of the project cleaning, education, and logistical, financial support.

“Today, we planted 5,000 seedlings on Bjelasnica Mountain, and it was great to see people of all generations to harvest trees and contribute to the brighter future of our country. Our people are good, just they need someone who will help them to get involved, and we from Let’s Do It, are doing that, “said Junuz Elkaz, the coordinator of the” Let’s Do It “project.

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