Votes from Srebrenica to be counted in Sarajevo?

aa_picture_20141012_3506187_highUrgent session of the Central Election Commission was held in Sarajevo, where the Commission discussed the situation after the elections in Srebrenica. It was suggested that the Central Election Commission counts votes from five polling places in Srebrenica in Sarajevo. Three members of the Municipal Election Commission Srebrenica voted for this proposal, while two were against.

However, after the voting, five members of CIK were for and two were against the re-counting of votes from five polling places where irregularities have been detected. Votes will be counted in Sarajevo.

With such outcome of the voting, it was decided that voting material from Srebrenica will be transported to Sarajevo, where votes from five disputable polling places will be counted again.

Members of the Central Election Commission will go and take over the disputed election materials in Srebrenica on October 8, accompanied by the police.

(Source: nap.ba)

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