Vucic: We made Decision to allocate 10 million BAM for Srebrenica

vucic2Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said that they have already the opportunity to hear from the host that Srebrenica is developing and living, and that the Serbian government already made decision to allocate 10 million BAM to Srebrenica.

“This morning we paid the tribute to the victims in Potocari as we will always do with the greatest reverence,” said Vucic at the beginning of the address, adding that he was there to participate in the investment-development conference which is celebrating the life in a way and representing an investment in future together.

Attendees welcomed this decision of the Government of Serbia and Vucic’s words with applause.

Serbia will transfer 4 million BAM directly to the Municipality of Srebrenica, and Vucic promised that this money will be paid to the municipality by Monday.

“Dear Camil, this is not a small amount of money for us, but our people saved the money and you will have it on your account by Monday,” said Vucic.

The remaining 6 million BAM will be realized through joint projects that companies from Serbia and B&H will be working together. This money is ready and Vucic called on the municipality to propose the projects.

(Source: klix.ba)

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