The oldest Trace of Literacy in Europe found in Visoko?

Traces of Literacy in Visoko nkp.baAlthough the tourist season almost ended, visits to the underground tunnels in Visoko valley are not stopping. Hundreds of visitors arrived today in Visoko and were hosted by the founder of the Foundation “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of Sun” Dr. Semir Osmanagić.

Dr. Osmanagić took advantage of the opportunity to once more highlight that the pyramids in Visoko are the first pyramids in Europe, and that the Bosnian Pyramid of Sun and the Bosnian Pyramid of Moon are the largest pyramids in the world, that they are covered in concrete blocks, and that the orientation of the sides of the pyramids towards the sides of the world is more precise than in case of any other pyramid in the world. According to Dr. Osmanagić, there is a complex network of tunnels, intersections, rooms and underground water accumulations constructed under the entire Visoko valley. Furthermore, Dr. Osmanagić claims that the first signs of European literacy have been found in those tunnels.

Under the layers of gravel and sand, 450 meters from the beginning of the tunnel Ravne, the research team of the Foundation allegedly found a stone with carved symbols which resemble the runic alphabet, which dates between 2,500 and 3,000 years back. However, according to Osmanagić, these letters are far older than the runic alphabet, and due to the resemblance of the runic alphabet the researchers have called it the pre-runic alphabet.

“Back in 2006 we found several symbols almost identical to the runic alphabet. It is considered to be the oldest European alphabet, but here we found probably the oldest trace of literacy in Europe, and maybe even broader. This indicates that we may have found the letter of constructors of the largest pyramidal structures in the world found so far”, said Dr. Osmanagić.

When it comes to the political relation towards the project in Visoko, Osmanagić said:

“A part of cultural establishment in B&H and throughout the world is coming at us, writing petitions, making attempts at discrediting our scientific research and performing media boycott. The fact is that the first European pyramids have been discovered in B&H, that they have the most precise orientation towards the sides of the world, that they have the most quality concrete ever produced, that they are the oldest pyramids in the world, that they have the largest network of pre-historical underground tunnels, that they have the largest ceramic sculptures weighing up to eight tons located in those tunnels… All those facts request changing of history books, doctor’s dissertations loose credibility, professors’ professions as well. It was easier to try to stop one small Foundation instead of implementing those radical changes, but they did not succeed”, Osmanagić said.

(Source: bh-sloboda.blogspot.ba)

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