Weekend Invitation: A Ski Idyll prepared on Bjelasnica and Igman

On Bjelasnica and Igman, a great number of skiers is expected this weekend, because the trails are well prepared, and also an artificial snow is made on the trails where there is no enough real snow.

“On Wednesday night we worked all the time on the preparation of trails. The artificial snowing system is in operation. To make artificial snow, we need a temperature of minus one and whenever there are of appropriate temperatures, we certainly make snow where it is needed, “ said Midhat Hubijar, the director of Winter Olympic Games (WOG) ’84.

“All the trails will be ready in full capacity for the weekend. Vertical transport is in operation. We have finished the four-seater business and we are waiting for the technical reception. On the top of Bjelasnica there is about 1.5 meters of snow, and the trails will be fantastic because we use every opportunity to prepare that part of the trail as well, in order to release a four-seater. We are waiting for some better weather conditions to prepare the trail part on the top of the mountain, “ Hubijar said.

The director of WOG claims that Igman has everything that is needed for hosting the skiers in the best way during the weekend.

“Every day, there are hundreds of children who learn to ski on the ‘Malo polje’ of Igman. It is a school organized by WOG ’84 and we have four groups in the skiing school which lasts for five days and it will be booked until the end of January. The skiing school continues in February. On Igman, vertical transport is in operation and the trails are prepared to perfection. Skiers are overwhelmed with the conditions on the ‘Malo polje’. Also, the trails on the ‘Veliko polje’ are in operation, which skiers can check every day and for the weekend, “ recommends Hubijar.

The least amount of snow is on Babin dol, and as Hubijar claims, as soon as the temperature drops to minus one, artificial snow making will begin. There is also night skiing on Thursdays and Fridays, and it completes the great winter atmosphere on Bjelasnica.



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