Chinese Investors arrived in Gacko?

Representatives of Chinese investors with whom the Government of the RS signed a contract on the construction of TPP “Gacko 2” arrived in Gacko, and they will talk about the realization of the project with the management of Mine and TPP “Gacko”.

Assistant Director of TPP “Gacko” and a member of the negotiating team for the construction of the second block of TPP, Srdjan Milovic, stated that 12 representatives of Chinese partners  visited the locality for the construction and talked about the existing infrastructure and plans related to this historic project for the town of Gacko.

Milovic noted that the team of engineers from “China Machinery Engineering Corporation” and NEPDI arrived in Gacko, and they agreed on technical and other issues related to the project in Gacko.

A general agreement on the realization of the construction project of TPP “Gacko 2” was signed in December last year with the representatives of “China Machinery Engineering Corporation” and “Emerging Markets Power Fund”, and the value of this project was estimated at over 1 billion BAM.



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