What did Bosnian political leaders do in 2012?-” Nothing”

As the US Ambassador to B&H Patrick Moon wrote on his blog, the politicians in one year did not achieve to come out of the political confusion in order to do what is in the best interest of the citizens who chose them.

The United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is currently in Brussels and for the last time present on a meeting of all Ministers of Foreign Affairs and the members of NATO. Five weeks ago, Clinton was on a visit to Sarajevo with the High Representative of the European Union Catherine Ashton, where she sent Bosnian political leaders a very direct message- and that was that political leaders have to move forwards to reforms and necessary membership in the European Union and NATO.

As US Ambassador Moon wrote on his blog, the Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton pointed out that an agreement was reached in March. The agreement was about potential improvement and development of Bosnia and Herzegovina on its way to MAP, or the Membership Application Program. The Constitutional Court explained all issues about the ways in which the state property can be resolved. Because of this Clinton said that if B&H does not reach an agreement on the state property, that she will attend the Ministerial Council in Brussels and insist that they give MAP to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ambassador Moon says that the Secretary of State Clinton executed her part of the agreement and said to all other ministers that she is ready to support Bosnia and Herzegovina, only if the Bosnian political leaders will try to work together.

“What did the political leaders do in Bosnia and Herzegovina? Unfortunately, they did not execute the agreement they have signed several months ago concerning the resolution of army property. They did not achieve to step out of the political confusion and could not do what is best for the citizens that elected them.”- explained Moon strictly.

He also pointed out how, since the ministers in Tallinn decided to let Bosnia and Herzegovina participate in the MAP and Bosnia’s struggle to decide on the matters of army property, several Ministerial Councils were held, and one summit, but two years after the meeting in Tallinn, Bosnia and Herzegovina has not made progress to the membership in NATO. Nevertheless, Moon reiterated that the US is unbeatable in their support and hope that they have for Bosnia and Herzegovina and its citizens.


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