When will Factory for Fruit Processing worth 30 Million BAM be finished?

The city of Doboj and the “Benkons-Bosna” company from Azerbaijan agreed on the text of the annex to the contract on the continuation of the company for fruit and vegetable processing “Bosanka”, for which the foundation stone was laid in 2014.

Suad Suljic, company’s attorney, said that he agreed with the City Administration the text of the extension of deadlines and that deadline will be in the next year or in the next two.

He expects that after the signing of the contract, the construction of “Bosanka” owned by investors from Azerbaijan will continue.

The construction was interrupted, inter alia, because of the necessary permits, given that there were barracks in the locality and, after the City Assembly amended the regulatory plan, floods hit the area in 2014.

The stone foundation for the construction of Bosanka’s fruit and vegetable factory was laid on June 26th, 2014 and then it was said that the investment was worth 30 million euros, SRNA reports.

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