Why 17,008 Products were withdrawn from BiH Market in 2015?

productsThe Council of Ministers of BiH at the session adopted the Information of the Agency for Market Surveillance on the situation in the field of market surveillance of non-food products in BiH, in the year of 2015.

According to the results of proactive and reactive surveillance, a total of 176 models of products were controlled, of which 140 model (69,552 units) have not met the relevant safety requirements.

Out of 69,552 pieces of non-compliant products, business entities performed voluntarily or by order of inspection bodies, alignment of 52,544 pieces of products in accordance with the prescribed safety requirements.

A total of 17,008 pieces of products were withdrawn from BiH market and returned from consumers, of which 8,764 were destroyed.

Among the 140 non-compliant products, 69 models were unsafe and represented a serious risk to consumers. Most of these products were electrical equipment (22), followed by toys (10), dangerous imitations (10), sports equipment (8), products for children (7), personal protective equipment (6) furniture (4), construction product (1) and footwear (1).

Most of the products with serious risks were produced in China, 56 of them, and prevailing risk was risk of injury, a total of 21 products.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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