When will the Construction of the Hotel Ruža be completed?

hotel ružaCompletion of works on the hotel Ruža in Mostar is expected early next year, when the Mostar beauty should shine in full splendor again. According to the owner of the hotel Emir Kečo, opening of Ruža will also mean opening of 173 new workplaces. The hotel will have several blocks on 27.000 square meters, with various amenities for guests.

Owner of the hotel Emir Kečo presented the concept of the majestic hotel Ruža.

“Hotel Ruža will consist of five blocks marked with letters A, B, C, D and E. Facility E will be situated right next to the hotel complex and will consist of mechanical plants, while the facility C will consist of the reception desk, a spa center and over 270 apartments. Facility A will contain rooms for lodging next to the outdoor pool, while facility D will accommodate huge congress halls,” Kečo said.

Kečo said that hotel Ruža will certainly become a part of hotel chain Hilton, with headquarters in Turkey. “Hotel Ruža will be very contemporary in technical terms and will be a part of the great hotel chain Hilton that is situated in Turkey,” Kečo said, adding that completion of works is expected in early 2017.

Reconstruction of this hotel began in 2001 and encountered many obstacles. Regarding the contract on construction, it has been annexed to this day. The reason for this is the interruption of works in 2016 because of UNESCO’s threat that the Old Bridge and the Old Town will be eliminated from the list of world cultural heritage because of the hotel Ruža. Several years later, conditions for continuation of construction were created, but the works did not start until April last year.

According to investors, construction of the hotel will cost around 14 million BAM. Member of the Presidency of BiH Bakir Izetbegović ensured investments for completion of works, together with the Government of the Republic of Turkey.


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