What will the largest residential Complex in BiH look like?

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Construction of the largest residential building in BiH, the Sarajevo Tower, is to commence. All property and legal issues have been solved, as well as the architectural design by Dušan Jovanović, owner of the Sarajevo bureau „Argentaria“, and this project will finally become reality.

The Sarajevo Tower complex will cover around 70.000 square meters of business and residential space and the facility will have 30 floors (-3+GF+26). Three underground floors will have 600 parking spaces and joint functional premises. Business spaces will be situated on the ground floor and first two floors and will cover 10.000 square meters. The complex will have a shopping mall, kindergarten, three salons, dentist clinic, etc.

Residential part will consist of more than 400 residential units. Buyers will have the opportunity to shape the internal space according to their personal needs, as well as the opportunity to chose materials for final build-in.

When the news appeared that the construction company ANS Drive in cooperation with a partner from Kuwait intends to start the cosntruction of the largest business-residential facility in Sarajevo, many people nodded their heads with skepticism. After the drastic fall in 2009, the real estate market in BiH has not recovered yet, supply is much higher than demand, and prices are sticking on record low level for years now.

However, ANS Drive and the Kuwaiti Investor Smart Invest are ready to invest 100 million BAM in this project, which is the largest post-war real estate investment in the entire BiH.


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