Will Morica Han lose the Status of National Monument after its Reconstruction?

Morica han is one of four inns located in Bascarsija and they have always made its core. It was renovated several times, always in its original form. The project of adaptation of Morica han was presented at the opening of the manifestation “Days of Waqif”.

Morica han was built back in the year of 1551 and it burned many times, just like the other buildings in Sarajevo, but it was renovated. Last time, it was renovated in 1974 and the upper floors were always intended for shops and mini-bazaars like those in Gazi Husrev-bey’s Bezistan. However, as Senaid Zajimovic, director of the Waqf Directorate of the IC BiH said, they never fully came to life.

“In the lower part of Morica han is placed a business part, however, the upper floor is especially interesting to us, because according to the current tourist offer, Bascarsija is still missing the hotel space although several hotels have been built in the recent period. That is still insufficient, and we are missing hotel accommodation and high-quality space,” he stated.

The Waqf Directorate of the IC BiH provided funds for the revitalization of Morica han in the total amount of 6.5 million BAM.

The General Directorate of the Waqf of the Republic of Turkey stated that they are currently realizing 15 projects, besides the revitalization of Morica han in BiH, which will benefit both Turkey and our country.

Zajimovic stated that the current state of Morica han is not representative, and that current catering facilities are not visited enough. They want to make it more attractive with a lot of greenery and open space.

“The Commission to Preserve National Monuments protected this facility within the decision to proclaim the Group of Gazi Husrev-Bey’s Waqf Property as Movable Property in Sarajevo.” Thus, the object of Morica han was not proclaimed as the national monument, but protection measures for the aforementioned group of objects are in force,” as stated from the Commission to Preserve National Monuments.

When asked whether the decision on proclamation of the national monument will be annulled after the project of adaptation of Morica han, from the Commission to Preserve National Monuments noted that it is a conceptual project for the adaptation of Morica han, i.e. the project of its return to the original function, which is not a reason for the abolition of the status of a national monument, if all the activities are done in accordance with the prescribed measures.

“There are specific regulations that define what to do in cases of devastation or any type of damage to national monuments. The Commission considers its obligation to act in accordance with its powers in case of any violation of the law and standards of the protection of the heritage. The monuments in BiH have the highest status of protection,” they noted.

In case that the national monument is endangered by illegal construction or unprofessional intervention, the Commission will inform the competent inspection authorities (Federal Administration for Inspection Affairs in the territory of the FBiH, or the Republican Administration for Inspection Affairs of the RS).

“If case of determining some kind of damage or destruction of the national monument, the proceedings will be initiated with the competent prosecutor’s office with the aim of determining the responsibility and punishment for the perpetrators,” as noted from the Commission to Preserve National Monuments.






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