Will there be a new Wave of Pandemic in BiH?

A new concern in the world is caused by the rapidly spreading delta strain of coronavirus. States are tightening restrictive measures, so Australia has closed parts of Sydney, and in Israel, the mask is again mandatory in closed public spaces. Domestic experts state that it is certain that the delta strain will also appear in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). It was checked to see if a new pandemic wave will start and how effective the vaccines were against this strain.

The delta strain appeared in India. Several countries are facing a new increase in the number of infected, partly related to the new delta variant. To prevent the spread of the infection, Australia ordered the closure of parts of Sydney. More restrictive measures are being introduced by Israel and Portugal. The profession claims that the delta strain spreads easier and faster than the others.

“For now, it is the most difficult situation in Britain, where over 90% of all newly infected people have this variant. In the last two weeks, there was an increase of 34%, over 42 thousand people got infected with this variant. The variant is spreading throughout Europe, in Portugal, there is a large number of cases, in Germany, there was an increase of 15%, and it is predicted that in early July and August, over 80% of those infected with this variant will be in Germany, ” told the scientist and microbiologist Ivan Djikic.

The delta strain has also been recorded in Croatia. Given the speed of expansion, it is certain that it will also appear in BiH.

“We don’t know exactly what number will be here since we don’t really test and sequence to find all those variants that exist. That is one of the dangers for all the countries of the Balkans and Southeast Europe, where the appearance of new variants is sequenced very slowly, late, and in small numbers, ” Djikic emphasized.

The main difficulty in concluding whether you have strain circulation or not is that according to the current epidemiological situation it is much smaller, therefore realistically quite a small number of clinical samples are not representative so that we could determine that we do not have it.

What is worrying is the fact that there are more and more infected people among the younger population. But, it is encouraging that the effectiveness of the vaccine when it comes to this strain is very high.

“Vaccines such as Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca, are relatively effective. This has been shown by research. For these other vector vaccines, such as Sputnik, two Chinese vaccines, and Johnson & Johnson, there is no data yet, ” told the immunologist Jasenko Karamehic.

Immunologist Karamehic also commented on the current epidemiological situation in BiH. He thinks that a small number of cases on a daily basis is the best time for mass immunization of the population. If this is not the case, it is certain to expect a larger jump in the number of infected in the future. The Minister of Health of the Canton Sarajevo (CS), Haris Vranic, and the Director of the General Hospital, Ismet Gavrankapetanovic, have different views on the possibility of a fourth wave.

“It is much more important to prepare in case there is a fourth wave, which all announce in order for the treatment to be as high quality as possible,” said the director of the General Hospital. dr. Abdulah Nakas, Ismet Gavrankapetanovic.

“I do not have any evidence at the moment that a fourth wave could happen. That is why I am asking my colleagues to be more careful in giving their statements since they are already starting to scare our population that the 4th wave will happen, ” pointed out the Minister of Health of CS, Haris Vranic.

Authorities say there is no reason to be scared, but we should not relax. The profession adds that due to the smaller number of infected people on a daily basis, we must not think that the coronavirus is behind us, especially in a situation where we have a low percentage of immunization of the population, BHRT writes.


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