The Winner of Masterchef prepared Iftar Dinner with Aunt Zilha

masterchefChristine Ha, who is known as the first blind winner of MasterChef, the most popular television culinary competition in the US, visited the capital city of BiH, where she prepared iftar dinner for users of the Soup Kitchen “Stari Grad”.

She was welcomed by Aunt Zilha. She traveled the whole world, prepared dishes from all meridians, and came to BiH during the month of Ramadan to cook for those in need.

“As soon as I entered this kitchen and before I even started to cook, I was welcomed by a pleasant smell of cooked food, and I that impressed me right away. When we started to cook, that feeling was getting only stronger. I am so happy to have the opportunity to work here together with Aunt Zilha and friends from BiH on preparing this food for which we established that it is something that connects us and what we all have in common,” noted Christine Ha.

Although they do not speak the same language, Christine and Aunt Zilha understand each other perfectly with a smile and desire to cook what makes people happy.

“I do not know languages, I cannot speak English, but it was very nice to welcome her and work together. Especially since we provided this great soup with pasta and chicken to a total of 100 people who are fasting. This is what connects people. This is a great example that we can do everything when we are together. Although we do not speak the same language, we did the same job,” said Aunt Zilha.

Besides cooking, Christine loves to write as well, and her motivational tips represent a real inspiration to thousands of people around the world. Preparing of iftar dinner for socially vulnerable people, she says, is a special experience to remember and it will give her additional motivation to improve herself and help other people as well.

Christine also publishes video clips from her travels, in which she talks about the specialties of countries she visited. As she said, she can’t wait to make her first attempts to prepare kebabs when she returns back home. Moreover, she noted that she will carry a sincere smile and really positive energy from Sarajevo.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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