Works on Water Supply Project “Povelič” Will Begin End of July

drinking-waterThe mayor of municipality Prnjavor Siniša Gatarić and representatives of the public utility company “Vodovod” and the Committee for the Construction of Water Sources Povelič signed an agreement on 24 May on the realization of a water supply project called “Povelič”, announced on the website of the municipality.

Gatarić pointed out that they are looking for a new contractor for the project, and that the project should start at the end of July.

“We consider this project a priority. This is one of the most important investment projects, both in terms of investment and in providing the necessities for life, which is obviously clean water’’, said Gatarić. He added that 2,5 million KM have been ensured for the project.

The Director of the Prnjavor “Vodovod” Branimir Đurić said that everything will be done to participate in the realization of this project and that they would fulfill everything that is requested from the municipality.

The Chairman of the board for the construction of the project Nebojša Todić expressed his satisfaction with the signing of the agreement, which is of huge significance for citizens of six local communities in the northern part of municipality Prnjavor. At one of the last sessions of the municipal assembly of Prnjavor, ad decision was adopted on granting authorization to the mayor to sign an agreement on the implementation of the “Povelič” project. The President of SO Prnjavor attended the signing of the agreement, and he said that he expects that all signatories will fulfill their obligations and that the project would not be politicized, but would be started as soon as possible.


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