Workshop in Sarajevo on “Energy Transition”

pmf sarajevoOrganized by the Embassy of France in BiH and in cooperation with the University of Sarajevo, today at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Sarajevo a workshop on “Energy Transition” was held.

The attaché for technical cooperation of the French Embassy Catherine Constant said that, given the natural resources of BiH and the potential for tourist and rural development, there will be inevitable problems ahead if more attention is not afforded to ecology.

She said that in the framework of energy transition it is especially important to pay attention to the management of wastewater and the use of so-called dry toilets, because one person needs three liters of water on a daily basis to survive, while 25 liters at the least are used for toilets.

“Problems with energy transition exist at the global level, and in BiH we are trying to exchange experiences and information and to raise public awareness of these problems’’, said Constant.

She added that we have to be aware that currently we are currently consuming energy that would be enough for the plant using this amount, with a trend of increasing spending that would reach a sufficient amount for three planets of this type, which is why it is necessary to take adequate measures for the good of mankind.

The importance of an individual approach in achieving sustainable development was emphasized at the workshop, as most people expect that the issue be solved at a high political level.

The workshop was held in the framework of the program “French Week of Sustainable Development” organized by the French Embassy in Sarajevo for the third year in a row, and which it particularly tied to BiH universities.

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