World Tourism Day: B&H is earning more from its Natural Beauty

jajceFollowing the example of other countries in the world, the World Tourism Day is celebrated today in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On this occasion, various conferences and round table discussions will be held in Sarajevo, Tuzla, Jajce, Mostar and several other tourist cities in B&H.

Topic of this year’s World Tourism Day is:” Billion tourists, billion opportunities.”

In 2014, the income from tourism in the world amounted to 937 billion EUR, which makes 10% of global GDP, 30% of world exports of services and 6% of total exports of goods and services.

Tourism represents an increasingly important source of income in B&H as well. For example, a total of 82,000 tourists visited our country in April 2015, which is 13.8 % more than in April 2014. Moreover, 77 000 tourists visited FB&H in July 2015, which is more for 58.2 % in comparison with July 2014.

World Tourism Day was established in 1979 by the World Tourism Organization (WTO) and this day is celebrated every 27th of September ever since. It is celebrated within the International community in order to increase awareness of tourism and its economic, social, cultural and political significance.


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