Year 2012 was very good for business of ‘EFT Stanari’

Mine and Thermal Power Plant ‘EFT Stanari’ made excellent business results in 2012 and they finished yet another great business season.

According to manager Ivica jakovljević, from 21 December last year, the deadline for building the thermal power plant in Stanari has started.

The thermal power plant will be built by Chinese company ‘Dong Fang’ and it will be done in 45 months.

’Last year for ’EFT Stanari’ was the year when we checked the continuty towards the basic goal, and it is the prepartion for the dig of 2.5 million tons of coal’, said Jakovljević.

He explained that this ammount is enough to supply EFT Thermal power plant, but also it is enough to supply the needs of citizens and coal heating plants.

’We’ve produced 1 087 000 tons of coal, and we’ve sold 1 057 000 tons, which is a great result and something to be proud of’ , said Jakovljević.

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