Years of Investment in Energy Sector

minersThe FBIH Prime Minister Nermin Nikšić and the General Director of Elektroprivrede BiH Elvedin Grabovica, together with miners from RMU “Breza” spent two hours yesterday in the mines “Kamenica” and “Sretno”.

“I spent two hours in the mines and spoke with miners, and I felt very comfortable’’, said Nikšić after exiting the mine.

The Prime Minister said that those who work other types of jobs would probably not change places with miners, who descend into the mines every day to earn a wage.

“However, miners tell me that they are used to their jobs and that it would be difficult for them to work anywhere else. I am glad that I spent this day with miners, and especially because I attended the signing of a very important contract on obtaining new equipment for this mine, which will make the work of the miners much safer, and they will be able to dig up more coal than before. This investment should be realized and I hope that it will occur before the deadline and we will continue to invest in mines and Elektroprivrede BIH’’, said Nikšić.

Today a contract was signed with the Polish company Kopex on the purchase of a complex, and new machines will ensure more humane and efficient production.

It would create the conditions for a cheaper and bigger production of coal from underground mines in the next ten years.

Elektroprivrede BiH allocated 19,5 million KM for this purpose.

This is not the only investment. It was announced that tin 2013 there will be investments in mines, EPBiH, and the construction of thermal power plants and wind mills.

“I will do everything I can to help the miners and Elektroprivreda so that the energy sector evolves. I believe in the miners because they prove that with hard work how they are capable in increasing production, regardless of who is in the government or in politics. They work honestly’’, added Prime Minister Nikšić.

Director Grabovica said that he is satisfied with the work of the miners.

At the end of the visit the Prime Minister and miners laid flowers at the memorial site RMU “Breza”.

(Source: Fena)

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