Zavidovići: The Water from the City Water Supply is not Drinkable

ZavidovićiAt the territory of the Municipality of Zavidovići the water level of rivers is now lower because it stopped raining in the morning.

Although everything is on order with the water supplying, the water is not drinkable. Electricity supply is suspended at the territory of Vozuća, Stoga and Stošnice.

Thanks to construction teams most regional roads are now in function and the traffic is released again.

The regional road R – 467 Zavidovići – Olovo is, since this morning at 04:30 o’clock in fuction again as well as the regional roads R-465 Zavidovići – Maglaj and R-466 Zavidovići – Kakanj.

The traffic at the local roads in the direction of Tursići, Mujkići, Brašljevine and Mahoj is suspended from the eighth kilometre and new landslides are activated in Livade, Kazići I Crnjevo while drifts are on the local roads for Brašljevine, Livade, Perovići, Mujkići and Krčavina.

(Source: Fena)

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