More than 1.000 Residents of Zavidovići Municipality Out of Their Homes, More than 180 Landslides

zavidovici floodsMore than 1.000 residents are out of their homes, more than 180 landslides and terribly damaged the road infrastructure is the current image of Zavidovići municipality, announced for Agency Fena, the Mayor of this municipality Suad Omerašević.

He said that after the withdraw of water in the riverbeds of Bosna and Krivaja is left the terribly image on the streets of this city, in the public facilities and houses, where is a huge amount of mud and sludge.

“We are organized and residents of Zavidovići are engaged night and day, volunteers from the different places and construction mechanisms in order to ensure a more normal situation. We are trying to prevent negative consequences in terms of contagious diseases and we have engaged machines to wash streets and to remove the mud”, stated Mayor Omerašević.

A large number of landslides has taken place in the area of this municipality, more than 180 ground motions are recorded.

“Road infrastructure is terribly damaged, and 7 highly used pedestrian bridges of river Bosna and Krivaja have been moved”, announced Zavidovići Mayor.

He estimated that the damages are enormous and have exceeded the capabilities of Zavidovići municipality.

People want to help and that gives us hope.

“More than 1.000 citizens are out of their homes and their return requires significant funds which we do not have and this is the only current image of Zavidovići”, said  Omerašević.

Another problem is a shortage in drinking water due to a serious problem on the main water system in the area of landslides. The major part of the city area got water last night and during the day peripheral area is expected to get water. Due to heavy rainfalls and landslides the water is not for drinking.

“We do not know for how long the problem with water will last, considering that water system is on the landslide area. We have reported the situation to the Cantonal Department of Civil Protection and Cantonal Government and we hope that they will respond as soon as possible in order that Zavidovici to not be left without water supplies for long”, emphasized the Mayor of this municipality.

(Source: Fena)

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