Maglaj Needs Urgently Trucks, Excavators, Disinfectants, Gloves and Masks

Maglaj pictureThere are no enough mechanisms and equipments that would clean as soon as possible the city of Maglaj.

Velija Hasanbegović, radiosarajevo reporter announced that streets are full of things. From parquet floors to curtains, from many houses was necessary to remove all the things which were under the water because they represent a potential source of infection. The temperatures are increasing and the bad smell of garbage is spreading in the city.

Only one truck and one excavator is operating on the Radnička street, where water was up to the first floor of buildings and houses.

Residents of Maglaj call on all those who can help to send in this city more trucks in order to remove the waste materials. They ask for means for professional disinfection, gloves and masks.

(Source/photo: radiosarajevo.ba )

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