11 kilometers of Motorway from Laktasi to Prnjavor to be open in September?

As announced by the Highway of Republika Srpska, the first 11 kilometers of motorway from Laktasi to Prnjavor, on the section Mahovljanska loop – Dragovici, might be open for traffic in the month of September.

It is a section of the motorway from Banja Luka to Doboj, and the first section from Prnjavor to Doboj in the length of 36 kilometers was opened for traffic last year. The whole Banja Luka – Doboj motorway has the length of 72 kilometers.

The total length of the section from Laktasi to Prnjavor is 36 kilometers and the opening for the traffic can be expected by the end of the year, although with a reserve, since everything depends on the weather in the upcoming winter and how much they will be able to work during the winter months, as stated by the Director of Highways of the RS, Dusan Topic.

He added that many people wondered why they are opening only 11 kilometers, and why they are not waiting until all 36 kilometers are completed.

“We are not doing it from some political, but functional reasons, because when we open those 11 kilometers, then it will be very practical, especially before the winter, to redirect the traffic,” said Topic.

“The terrain on this section itself is such that works from the Mahovljani Loop to Drugovici could progress faster than in other parts, and we are currently in the process of obtaining permits that will enable the traffic,” stated Topic.

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