Activities of All National Football Teams of Bosnia and Herzegovina to begin this Week


The national teams’ activities of the Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina will begin at the end of this week with the gathering of the U-18 team first, then this work will continue with the U-19, and then the U-21 national team.

Before starting the training process in the FF BH TC in Zenica, general secretary Adnan Džemidžić held discussions with executive directors Elmir Pilav and Nihad Hodžić, who have already done all the preparatory activities to create adequate conditions for organizing camps.

“The Federation, as a social and socially responsible organization, takes special care that the next gatherings are organized in strictly controlled conditions”, explains Džemidžić.

Then he continues: “The executive directors of both sectors instructed their associates in the procedures and adopted standards according to which they would work in the Training Centre in Zenica. That is why our Centre is an ideal place for gathering, checking the physical fitness of young players, and working on other segments, necessary for the upcoming official competitions. I must emphasize that we decided to start with camps only after the permission of the competent authorities in the Federation of B&H was issued on the possibility of organized outdoor training again.”

Why is it important to gather young national teams in this period?

“The FF BH has been organizing various camps for all national teams for years, but due to the coronavirus, these gatherings will be less this year compared to the previous period. This long break has certainly affected the work of young footballers in their clubs, so the primary goal is for our technical staff to perform certain analyses, as well as testing the physical fitness of national team members. The tests that will be done during these training processes will be comparable to the previous ones for which special computer programs, developed by the FF BH with a team of experts, will be used. We also have a modern database program about each player who went through the FF BH camp, so we can monitor the development of each of them.”

Džemidžić points out that there were thoughts of prolonging the camps for a later date, but the opinion of the profession and their assessment was taken into account so that any further delay would complicate the development cycle of young players and their selection.

“We had several discussions with the head coaches of the youth national teams, and in addition to their expert assessment, we were also guided by the opinion of our medical teams, which had excellent cooperation with the Committee for Sports Medicine. We are also aware of the risks that these gatherings have, but we have done everything to ensure that the health of the players is not endangered. In any case, nothing even started before all previous permits and consents were issued by the competent authorities in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”


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