Dzaferovic: Bosnia will continue its Path towards NATO, regardless of Russia’s Position


The Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sefik Dzaferovic, commented for Fena news agency on the statement of the Ambassador of Russia, Petrov Ivancov, that “BiH’s integration into NATO brings into question security and stability.”

“It’s just the opposite. BiH’s integration into NATO guarantees the security and stability of our country, and statements such as this one made by the Russian ambassador seek to undermine that stability and security,” Dzaferovic pointed out.

He reminded that Bosnia and Herzegovina has already passed laws, decisions and strategies that trace the country’s path to NATO.

“No one outside Bosnia and Herzegovina has the right to interfere in our internal affairs, challenge the adopted laws and decisions or determine our foreign policy goals, not even the ambassador of Russia. Bosnia and Herzegovina will continue its path towards NATO in accordance with the Law on Defense, the Foreign Policy Strategy and a number of other decisions, regardless of Russia’s position,” said Dzaferovic.


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