Malkocevic: There is certainly a Quality that can meet the Requirements


The most successful head coach of the U-17 national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sakib Malkočević, who achieved a qualification for the European Championship three times, stayed yesterday and today in the FF BH Training Centre in Zenica, where he followed the preparations of the cadets.

Malkočević, who now performs the function of scout of all youth selections, is happy that he attended one national team’s gathering after March.

“After everything that has happened in the world lately, we have all wished for socializing, matches, gatherings and these days I feel very good here. I am glad to be here again with my colleagues and on the preparations of the new generation of players. I hope that everything will be fine in the autumn and that the boys will play in the qualifications”, says Malkočević and points out that his health condition is better and that he is feeling well.

The cadets played a control match yesterday, and Malkočević also conveys his impressions:

“Given that they did not gather enough due to the corona situation, and that they did not have enough matches, we can be satisfied with what we saw yesterday. There is certainly a quality that can meet the requirements. Along with players from abroad, we hope that this generation can also reach the elite qualifying round. That should be our goal, and everything above that is a great success.”

Sakib Malkočević hopes for good results of the senior national team as well:

“It would be a really great thing if both the U-17 and U-19 national teams made a success in the qualifications. We are very much looking forward to the matches of our “A” national team and we all want them to successfully complete the play-offs for the European Championship. Above all, I hope that the players will be healthy and ready for the Nations League and play-off matches. It would be a great thing for our Federation and for the State if the “A” team qualified for the big competition.”


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