One Member of Bosnian Armed Forces died of Coronavirus

A member of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Z.C., died of coronavirus at the Srbija Hospital in East Sarajevo on Sunday.

The deceased was a member of the Operational Command of the Armed Forces of BiH – Air Force Brigade in “Rajlovac” barracks. This is the second member of the Bosnian Armed Forces who died because of a coronavirus infection.

To date, July 6, a total of 33 people have been infected in the BiH Armed Forces since the beginning of the pandemic, two of whom have died, 11 have recovered, and 20 are listed as infected.

The Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced on Monday that since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic until today at 1 pm, a total of 5,458 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed, and that 101,386 samples have been tested.

The number of deaths is 199, and 2,598 recovered. In the Federation of BiH entity, 2,814 cases were confirmed, 61,222 samples were tested, the number of deaths was 63, and 1,198 were recovered.

In Republika Srpska entity, 2,609 cases of the disease were confirmed, 38,982 samples were tested, the number of deaths was 131, and the number of recovered persons was 1,380.

There are 35 confirmed cases, 1,182 tested, five deaths and 16 recovered in the Brcko District.

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